We have to go back to the Worldcups in Sluiskil, the Netherlands, around 2006/2007. For the first time a southern French Multimedia company visited the Netherlands and was specialized in producing and transmitting live images and wanted to conquer the world of Carom Billiards. Kozoom set foot on the ground in the Netherlands and was treated in a professional way by Meerten Dallinga, the organizer of the Worldcups and Worldchampionship in Sluiskil. Xavier Carrer, Kozoom’s CEO, sent a team of cameraman and directors and made these tournaments available for everybody on the internet and TV. Kozoom became well known, not only because of it’s activities in Carom but also in the world of Pool and Tablesoccer.


A few years later…..

After some years and many great tournaments, we can’t imagine a big event without Kozoom. Kozoom has become the exclusive UMB broadcaster and travels around the world in order to make the tournaments visible online. The company created a dedicated carom website where you can watch high-quality Livestreams and vod’s, check news and results, interviews, a simulator, etc. Also the businessmodel changed, exclusive content is only available after buying a so called Premium Pass. The Live Agenda is filled with events and Kozoom keeps updating this constantly. At the moment the Kozoom Carom website is available in the Dutch, French, English, German, Spanish and Korean language.

How does it work?

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- Register yourself on Kozoom, log in and choose the language you desire

- Place an order to purchase a Premium Pass (1 Year 84€, Monthly Pass 7,99€ or 48hrs 4,99€)

- Choose a payment method and after validation the Premium Pass will be activated.


Kozoom is also active inside Belgian and is in good relation with the KBBB (Koninklijke Belgische Biljartbond). On a yearly basis Kozoom broadcasts the Multi’s in Blankenberge, the Superprestige in Lommel, the Belgian Cup in Hooglede. It was also Kozoom who produced the 1-Cushion Challenge between Frédéric Caudron and Jean-Paul de Bruijn at Salpho in Malle but the biggest highlight, without a doubt, was the Worldchampionships 3-Cushion at the Lotto Arena, Antwerp in 2013. Around 300.000 Belgians watched the final LIVE on TV, do you have any clue who took the title there?

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